Please find below some fresh insights on leadership and collaboration in health.  These short sharp articles look at the challenges of exercising leadership in health and in the world at large, from how our own defaults can limit our thinking about a complex problem to how we partner across boundaries and effectively influence, as well as make collaboration part of everything we do.

Content contributors: Jill Hufnagel, Dr Graham Gibson, and Dr Sunil Adusumilli

Jill Hufnagel Bio: Jill is a consultant with Cambridge Leadership Associates and the former Associate Director of the Batten Leadership Institute. Working with a broad range of clients, from the New York Fire Department and the U.S State Department to Leadership Victoria and Google, Jill delivers leadership programming around the globe built on capacity development and possibility thinking. Jill trained at UVA Darden’s Graduate School of Business and Harvard’s Kennedy School, holds a Ph.D. in English and women’s studies, and is a licensed professional counsellor.

Dr Sunil Adusumilli Bio: Sunil is currently employed by Murrumbidgee Local Health District as a Medical Administration Fellowship Trainee and working towards my fellowship with Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators (RACMA). He recently completed my ‘Masters of Health Service Management’ (MHSM) degree at Tasmanian School of Business and Economics, University of Tasmania. At present, is enrolled into the PhD program on ‘Spatial-temporal Analysis of Alcohol Policy on Injury Prevention from University of New South Wales.

Graham Dickson Bio:Dr. Dickson is Research Advisor to the Canadian Health Leadership Network, and a member of the Physician Assistants Certification Council of Canada.Prior to leaving Royal Roads University, Graham was the founding Director of the Centre for Health Leadership and Research. Graham helped develop the Master of Arts in Leadership (Health specialization) at RRU.

The confines of our own defaults

Why is it that the bulk of us show up to work each day inside a well-worn box?  We stay in our lanes and do the work we’re assigned

Partnering with sceptics

There’s little more frustrating than having what seems to be a fabulous idea, energetically sharing with others that stroke of brilliance, and then being met with a wall of resistance

Leadership vs Authority

One of the most common mistakes we make at work, at home, and in our communities is confusing leadership with authority

Climbing the ladder to influence up

Influencing up is at once complex and vital work in any organisation. On the one hand, those on the ground and closest to daily challenges are a key source of information.  They have experienced and mapped the barriers to progress, are often the authors of various “work arounds”, and are well-attuned to the sentiments of colleagues

Making collaboration a cultural norm

On paper, collaboration always sounds so good: noble, cozy, inclusive.   Given that spin, who wouldn’t want to be part of such a collective force?  And yet in practice collaboration tends to be incredibly tough to pull off, akin to shouting in a foreign tongue to an island barely in sight.

Leadership Literature Essay

One of the biggest virtues of the New South Wales Leadership Framework is it’s conceptualisation of the practice of leadership in the health sector: from self to system.

A Leader’s Challenge

Leaders in today’s world should admit to constant changes in their organisation and so commitment to continuous change is expected of them.