A key tool and process

Coaching has emerged as a key tool and process for leadership development that benefits the individual staff member and their employer. Corporate coaching is frequently used to help executives develop their capacity to deal with change and to give them support in reaching their organisational or work-related goals.

The 2004 Chartered Institute for Professional Development training and development survey shows that four-fifths of respondents now use coaching in their organisations as a tool that can help businesses to be competitive, as well as help people attain their potential.

More recent research suggests that coaching has the greatest impact on organisational performance and transition when it is targeted at senior level organisational or leadership development initiatives.

There are many different theoretical approaches to coaching, differing philosophies, styles, methods, techniques and types, including ‘self-coaching’.

At the individual level

Coaching is especially useful because it takes place at the individual level of organisations and with people who are open to information about themselves, who want to increase their effectiveness. They seek and are serious about using feedback. They feel accountable for using it and establishing and implementing a development program for themselves.