The four Developing and Leading Self leadership capabilities point to the kinds of specific observable actions staff might demonstrate to deliver excellent patient outcomes in a sustainable health system.

Developing and Leading Self Diagram

This domain of the NSW Health Leadership Framework is about knowing why we are leading, what makes us successful or not, and using that knowledge for personal growth.

Each of us is unique – bringing different qualities to the practice of leadership. Ideally we are all working for the same reason: to improve patient or citizen care. Being self-aware means reflecting on what our motivation looks like, and on the qualities we possess to influence others.


Leadership requires us to continually develop ourselves to respond appropriately to the many different situations and circumstances we face throughout our careers.

Knowing your leadership qualities allows you to grow your potential, regardless of what that potential is. Just as musicians, athletes, or actors can develop their innate talent, so can you. You just need to know what that talent is and develop it.


Often we are called upon to model the desired behaviours and values of patient-centred leadership — especially when the energy or will of others is flagging. To do this, we need to be aware of what motivates us and how to adjust our behaviour in the presence of others.

Finding reasons to hope, to be optimistic about our collective future, and to motivate ourselves to pursue that future requires resilience, courage, and commitment. Ultimately, each of us is responsible for our own performance and contribution to our organisation’s service agreements.