The four Engaging People and Building Relationships leadership capabilities point to specific observable actions to deliver excellent patient outcomes in a sustainable health system.

Engaging People & Building Relationships Diagram

Leadership is about working together to accomplish our shared goals. Focus on engaging others by building productive relationships. Relationships with others, be they your boss, physicians, nurses, other professionals, patients, family members, and/or citizens, are needed to deliver service and create improvement


Research studies have shown a strong relationship between high levels of employee engagement and improved organisational results. Good leadership can lead to very high levels of engagement; toxic leadership to dysfunctional levels of engagement. The number one driver of engagement is the quality of relationships between people. Therefore we need to focus on understanding what leadership capabilities enhance those relationships. Of the four capabilities above, Harnessing Talent and Diversity is the foundation to the other three:

  • we create teams to mobilise divergent professional expertise and learn from different perspectives
  • we foster people’s development to stimulate their desire to learn and leverage their talent
  • we create environments so people of different backgrounds and talents can express those differences in their work.


We are encouraged to learn and practice the disciplines associated with high performance teamwork. Encouraging and modelling professional learning to take advantage of people’s natural talents contributes to positive morale. Providing people with clear expectations for their work, recognising work well done, and providing feedback on performance for improvement purposes are key to a healthy and productive work environment. Together these capabilities create a work climate in which people are engaged with the work, and productive relationships thrive.