Capabilities and Behavioural Indicators

The four Partnering and Collaborating Across Boundaries leadership capabilities point to specific observable actions to deliver excellent patient outcomes in a sustainable health system.

Partnering & Collaborating Across Boundaries Diagram

This domain of the HETI Leadership framework is about developing partnerships and relationships in your own organisation to facilitate change. It is also about connecting your project, organisation, or initiative so that it is supported by the efforts of others.


Health staff who focus on identifying health and wellness This skill set aimed at coalescing energy behind patient and citizen centred health improvement across departments and organisations. To be successful in partnering and collaborating across boundaries, you are expected to work with with other organisational representatives to transform current practice. You are expected to:

  • mobilise people across silos to work together on service transformation
  • create cross-sectoral collaborations (such as with communities and private sector organisations) to deliver service agreements
  • encourage fresh insights from diverse sources to stimulate and foster innovation.


When you think strategically, you see things in an organisation-wide and system-wide context, rather than in a purely operational one. You seek opportunities to identify partners (eg: stakeholders, professional groups, community agencies, and patient advocate groups, along with formal providers) to work with you in meeting current and future challenges and achieving greater results. This is particularly important for health leaders in Australia, as federal and state governments have responded to the challenge of fiscal sustainability by introducing new mechanisms to improve efficiency within the health care system. Manifestations of this policy are:

  • regionalisation
  • mandatory partnering across sectors and
  • the establishment of new, integrated primary health care organisations with greater emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention.