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The NSW Health Management Framework

In consultation with management experts and LHD executives, HETI has developed a Management Framework that outlines the key elements of management for NSW Health. These are:

  • Operational Management
  • Financial Management
  • Managing Information
  • Organisation Management; and
  • Managing People.

In March 2014, a panel of international experts spoke to Chief Executives, Directors of Workforce and other key NSW Health staff at a management breakfast and workshop. They shared ideas and challenges in relation to contemporary international best practice in health management. This included workshops to determine the key areas of focus for increasing management ability to respond to future challenges and optimise patient outcomes.


This workshop identified that some of the key future challenges for NSW Health in relation to management include:

  • The changing political environment and population healthcare requirements
  • Clinical engagement beyond individual patient care
  • Inefficiencies and costs within changing funding models
  • Capacity to supply growing demands in healthcare
  • Rural health care provision
  • Primary Healthcare integration
  • Community expectations and
  • Increased integration of technology

Specific Programs

The 2008 Special Commission of Enquiry into Acute Care Services in NSW Public Hospitals identified a need for all managers and leaders to develop greater capability in people management, with a particular emphasis on skills relating to conflict resolution, leading change and team development. In response, HETI has developed the People Management Skills Framework (PMSF), which is designed to strengthen people management skills across NSW Health. It identifies 8 core skills and 9 Domains of People Management Capabilities, mapped to differing levels of management.

HETI also developed the blended learning Financial Management Education Program, aimed at increasing the financial management skills and knowledge of all non-finance specific managers across NSW Health.

People Management Skills Framework

Designed to strengthen people management skills across NSW Health

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