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An organisaton’s biggest asset

Employees are the primary determinants of the success of an organisation. Within health they are our most significant assets. Health managers must lead, motivate, appraise and monitor performance of staff. Managers significantly contribute to developing a workforce culture that respects excellence and motivates staff to explore and resolve problems, with the ultimate objective of improving patient outcomes.

Leading and building teams

Today’s workforce must perform efficiently together, with team members often located across multiple sites. Health managers increasingly need to identify employees that will contribute to a high-performing team and develop future leaders. They also require the ability to communicate and share information that encourages staff to engage with organisational goals.

Relationship building

Good relationships can be the difference between outstanding success and dismal failure. They help build respect and trust so that staff will deliver what is needed at the right time and in the right way. Good working relationships provide other benefits:

  • work is more enjoyable
  • people are more likely to accept changes
  • people are more innovative and creative.

Successful organisations also build trust and confidence by having strong performance processes in place that deal with underperformance.

Effective communications

Accurate and meaningful communication has the potential to increase effectiveness and efficiency. Just as patients who perceive they were communicated with appropriately will become more engaged in their treatment, so staff become more engaged with their workplace.

Coaching and mentoring

Coaching is used alongside appraisal, work planning and performance review to develop specific skills and competences.

Mentoring in a healthcare environment is a longer-term professional relationship to develop a range of skills and attributes of an individual.

Both are increasingly identified as effective strategies to develop future leaders.


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